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Vampire League – Week 6 to 7

Vampire League – Week 6 to 7

With only a few close calls on COVID false-positives, and rescheduled matches from previous incidents, the games for Week 6 were good to go. And ready for the Count to make his next move. 

After dispatching most of the 5 Yard staff he has faced so far, Stormula decided on taking on another in his sixth matchup. Yours truly – and the Razor Sharp Fangios. 

This was contested to be a close match. As one of the remaining potential victims commented, Sleeper predicted the Vampire to finish with the second highest score. The Count was the hot favourite. And why not? He had taken some big names from his previous victims. So, what happened between the Daywalkers and the Fangios?


It was likely that the Fangios would come out ahead after Sunday’s football. All of the Razor Sharp players were taking part in the day’s schedule. 

But, when Kirk Cousins threw a pick on his first drive, it wasn’t looking good. Neither were the following two interceptions. Nor was it promising that Adam Thielen had seen only one or two targets entering the second half.

Thankfully, the Minnesota Quarterback managed to turn it around as he led the comeback attempt with 24 completions for 343 yards and 3 touchdowns. Adding on an extra 2 two-point conversions gave the inconsistent QB a considerable 26.72 points. His connection with Thielen in the endzone also managed to get the Wide Receiver 14.1 points, with one touchdown from his 3 receptions and 51 yards. 

The Running Backs also managed to make good ground for the Fangios, with Joe Mixon finding a touchdown against the Colts from 54 yards on 18 carries. His 15 yards from 2 completions combined with the rushing points to give 14.9 points. Miles Sanders made the most of a huge play against the the Ravens. Although he was stripped of the ball before the endzone, the yards stood – and he ended up with 11.2 points. 

The LA Rams duo of Robert Woods and Tyler Higbee also featured for the Fangios. Woods  bagged himself several rushes and a receiving touchdown for 14 points; Higbee managed 8.6 points (3 of 4 for 56 yards). But one of the biggest stars for the Fangios was Brandon McManus – the Broncos kicker who scored all of Denver’s points against the Patriots. His 18 point contribution may end up being the difference between the two sides. 

In a slight negative, the Packers’ defence conceded 32 points and gave the Fangios -1 points for their trouble.


But on the other side, the Count was not toothless in his response. He too had some big movers and shakers at his disposal.

Mike Davis has been a thorn in the side of many defenses. Not only that, he has been a heavy blow for the Daywalkers in dispatching opponents of the Count. However, his performance was comparatively muted against a strong Bears defense. He did get a rushing touchdown, but was well-guarded in the receiving game, and ended up with a fumble to his name. Still, 10.5 points isn’t anything to be sniffed at.

Nor is the 14.3 points that James Robinson managed to make against the Lions. His receiving touchdown added a welcome boost to Stormula’s points. The 29 yards from 12 carries and 24 yards from 4 receptions may not have been enough otherwise. 

Bearded supremo Ryan Fitzpatrick also did his part to add to his master’s points total. The three touchdowns off 191 yards propelled the Dolphins well ahead of the Jets. His two interceptions weren’t enough for New York to mount a comeback. Ultimately, the Fitzmagic left the field as Tua Time started in the fourth quarter. But by then, most of the point scoring was done anyway. Tacking on a carry of 4 yards, the total points from the (outgoing?) Miami QB came to 18.04 points.

However, there were some game scripts that drastically affected the points scored by Green Bay players. Like the defensive unit on the Fangios, Tight End Robert Tonyan and Kicker Mason Crosby also suffered heavily at the hands of the Buccs. Former Tight End 1 Tonyan only saw 25 yards off three completions for 5.5 points. Crosby fared even worse, managing only one field goal and one extra point for 4 points. 

And although the Colts did manage to pick up some defensive accolades, the 5 points from the Indy DST may not be considered their best returns. 


So, with all of the Fangios making their mark, the score stood at 106.52 to 57.34. But the Count still had two players left to go. Players who had previously had allegiences to other teams. Players who now worked to further the winning streak of their undead master. 

So, entering the Monday schedule, the Count required DeAndre Hopkins and Stefon Diggs to do their part. The first game of the double header had Diggs going first, and the first half touchdown started his contribution off nicely. With 6 receptions from 8 targets, the Buffalo newcomer totted up 46 yards as well as the score. 16.6 points closer to catching the Fangios. 

Hopkins’ effort didn’t go as well. The Cardinals raced into a heavy lead, and the targets were heading in different directions. Christian Kirk saw the benefit of Murray’s passing on the night, not Hopkins. The veteran did end up seeing 8 targets but only managed to bring in two of them. Although the 73 yard total was huge, it didn’t tally up with any touchdowns – and led to a disappointing 9.3 points. 

The Daywalkers slipped in their pursuit of another victory – although their record is nothing to be sniffed at so far. They sit on 4-2 and still stand to make the playoffs at this rate. Their early season form is still strong. You can’t count out the Count. 

So who next for the dark lord and his shell shocked troops? A case of sweet revenge could be on the cards…


After last week’s defeat, The Count has elected for a return to an old foe. This week, the Daywalkers look to avenge the only other defeat they have suffered all season. Bram Stoker’s Dracula, led by Andre, are firmly in the Vampire’s sights. 

 That fateful result came in Week 2, where Stormula’s formula fell apart. Nyheim Hines, Will Fuller and Darius Slayton underperformed to leave the Vampire falling short of his target. On the other side, Darren Waller and Nick Chubb were the saviours – leaving BSD as a runaway 143.54 to 78.78 winner. 

However, Week 7 is proving to be a different prospect altogether. The Daywalkers have shed their dead weight, including many of the players that let the side down in Week 2. This group is far more formidable than five weeks ago. Now the Count has DeAndre Hopkins, Stefon Diggs and Josh Jacobs to help him beat his opposition. 

And, to make things worse for Andre, now he hasn’t got the hero of his sole victory. Nick Chubb has dropped onto IR, and Jordan Howard is on a bye week. After Derrius Guice was discharged, they were the only two Running Backs in the side. The soft belly of Bram Stoker’s Dracula has been exposed. 


So who could the Vampire choose to take as his spoils should all things go as planned? 

Roster-wise, nothing has changed since the last time the side was covered in the Week 2 article.

Heismann Trophy winners Joe Burrow and Kyler Murray lead the line at Quarterback. Darren Waller and Dawson Knox are the two Tight Ends. But it’s the Wide Receiver group which is the strongest position in the side. DJ Moore, Deebo Samuel, Henry Ruggs, DK Metcalf and Chris Godwin make up the numbers. Besides those positions, Jake Elliot is the kicker and the Chargers are the defensive unit.

And we already know who graces the side at Running Back.

As it stands, nobody.

So, with that huge gap in the side, the victory seems inevitable. The scheme is devious, and the Vampire strikes where he can. 

One thing’s for sure,

You don’t count out the Count!

Rob @5YardRob


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