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Vampire League Week 7: The Daywalkers Ride Again

Vampire League – Week 7: The Daywalkers Ride Again

After a stumble to the Razor Sharp Fangios, fury reigned in the Count’s castle. That defeat must be avenged to satisfy the bloodthirsty urges. A victim must be claimed!

So The Daywalkers focused their fury on a new victim. One that had previously escaped their clutches before. Would Bram Stoker’s Dracula be able to survive the weekend? Or would he be thrown off the cliffs to defeat below?


The Thursday Night game was back! But only one player from the matchup was taking part this week. Jake Elliott scored one of two field goals and added on an extra point in the Eagles’ game with the Giants. That put just three points on the board. When you’re missing your Running Backs, every play counts. That wasn’t a great return for the team, and it didn’t bode well for the remaining schedule…


The early parts of the Week 7 Sunday schedule produced a mix of results for our human half of the match. Darren Waller’s six receptions off 9 targets gave 50 yards and a much-needed touchdown. Chris Godwin also did the team proud, completing all of his 9 targets for 88 yards and a score. The Chargers defensive unit did let in 29 points but their 5 sacks did help somewhat. All in all, they amassed 46.8 points. 

In some way, it was a small solace that Mike Davis didn’t perform to his usual standards this week. The Daywalkers’ value pickup only managed a combined 36 scrimmage yards against the Saints, with 7 carries and 5/5 completions. 8.6 points not a huge haul in the end. His team mate (and the Count’s Quarterback) Teddy Bridgewater fared far better. 23 completions picked up 254 yards and 2 touchdowns, and two carries for 10 yards, bagged a much healthier 19.16 points.

And James Robinson continues to be a leading light for the team. His 2 touchdowns (1 rushing; 1 receiving) and a two point conversion boosted an already high yard count. 22 carries got 119 yards, and 6 targets heralded 4 completions and 18 yards. A high-calibre day for the rookie, and 31.7 points for the Daywalkers.

Stefon Diggs was not on the Stormula scoring charts this week. Coverage by the Jets secondary saw the Buffalo wide man only catch 6 of 11 targets. Even then, Diggs was restricted to only 48 yards. He picked up 10.8 points to add to the growing Daywalkers total.

Robert Tonyan and Mason Crosby seemed to be the only two Packers who didn’t score well in their game against the Texans. In a game where Rodgers was slinging it about, Tonyan saw just two receptions for 32 yards. Crosby kicked only 5 extra points. Together, they scored 10.2 points.  

But the real steal of the week was the Chiefs defense. The Kansas City unit went to town on the Broncos, with a wide variety of accolades to their name. The Daywalkers felt the benefit of two interceptions, three sacks, and two forced fumble recoveries that led to touchdowns. This all sang to the tune of 26 points. Those waiver wire picks really do come in handy. 


None of the teams’ players were in Monday Night Football, so it was down to the game between Arizona and Seattle. BSD has D.K. Metcalf and Kyler Murray yet to play. The Daywalkers had their latest acquisition DeAndre Hopkins as their last remaining participant. With some creative scoring, there was still a chance for Andre to come away with a narrow win. 

But hotshot Russell Wilson targeted the wrong Wide Receiver. Metcalf did produce one of the night’s many highlights, chasing down Budda Baker to stop a defensive touchdown. But any other involvement only went as far as 2 completions for 23 yards. Kyler Murray did his hardest to pull Andre’s team back into the fight, with three passing touchdowns and a rushing one of his own. His 360 yards passing from 34 completions and 67 yards from 14 carries assured a high point score of 37.1. 

But even with the Quarterback’s heroics, Stormula would have still won the game. And that was without Nuk’s 23.3 points added on. The wide man bagged 10 receptions and a touchdown (and a fumble – which he was really beaten up about) off 12 targets, picking up 103 yards. 

So, although it came closer than many would have predicted, the Daywalkers were back to winning ways. Stormula moved onto 5-2, taking him up to 4th in the table – well within the playoff positions. 

And, if that valiant effort from BSD wasn’t enough, the Count captured his crown jewel. Kyler Murray was the player to leave for the Daywalkers, with Teddy Bridgewater heading in the opposite direction. 


With the Count’s collective looking stronger than ever, the age-old question reappeared once again on the message boards. Who would Stormula choose to face next? The inquiries came from the owner of the league leaders Ghould Hunt. That team sat undefeated on 7-0 and was chomping at the bit for a turn at the Daywalkers. But the Vampire had other ideas. He would leave the league toppers…for now, at least. 

No, the Count wanted to ‘stake’ his claim on another player before he took on the top. And, as All Hallow’s Eve was around the corner, he wanted a piece from Hayden’s Hurse. The team owned by our boy Stocks, sat on 2-5. 

But who could the Daywalkers possibly need now?

Despite the Hayden Hurse record, there were plenty of talented players on the roster. Patrick Mahomes was the leader of the pack, with Daniel Jones an obvious bye week replacement. Ezekiel Elliott was the top of the list for Running Backs, with David Montgomery, James White and Philip Lindsay making up the remainder of the group.

JuJu Smith Schuster, Terry McLaurin and AJ Green made up a small Wide Receiver room. And he had a powerhouse duo at Tight End in George Kittle and Hunter Henry. 

Stocks’ homeboys the Broncos are one of his defensive units, with the Vikings as his second. Matt Gay, the second-string kicker sits solemnly in the starting spot, without any points so far this season. Rodrigo Blankenship has been taking the Colts kicks instead – and doing a mighty fine job of it too. 

There are plenty of choices to pick from if the Daywalkers get the win. Surely he will not try and take Mahomes after picking up Murray this week.

But one thing’s for sure…

You Can’t Count out the Count!

Rob @5YardRob



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