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Vampire League Week 8 – Don’t Count Out the Count

Vampire League Week 8 – Don’t Count Out the Count

The Count had much tougher foe to face this week – did he overcome the main man Stocks? Or did Hayden’s Hurse manage to deal the Daywalkers their second loss in three weeks?

Thursday Night Football

With Christian McCaffrey still out of the starting line up, Mike Davis was the only featuring player for either side in the Thursday night match. The Running Back found slightly more success than on previous weeks, running up 66 yards on the ground and 11 in the air. That still only produced 8.7 points, but it was enough to have a lead going into the Sunday games…

Sunday’s Early Schedule

Patrick Mahomes led the line for Hayden’s Hurse in the early kick-offs. His 416 yard, 5 touchdown game gave Stocks a healthy 36.64 point boost, setting the tone for the rest of the contest.  

There was a fairly even split between the Wide Receivers playing in the early games. Stocks had JuJu Smith Schuster go for 67 yards off 7 receptions, and AJ Green managed 19 yards off his 2 catches. Altogether, their combined 17.6 points just about beat Stefon Diggs’ total. Diggs, now fielded for the Daywalkers, helped the Count with his 15.2 points – 6 receptions leading to 92 yards. 

And two Running Backs ended up with nearly identical scores. The Daywalkers’ Josh Jacobs hammered on the Browns defence to the sum of 128 yards, giving the Count 12.8 points. And Stocks’ Chicago back David Montgomery got 89 ground yards to go with his two receptions for 16 yards. Monty ended up with 12.5. 

 The Count also saw his Chiefs defence, dominant from last week, put up double figures once again. 1 forced fumble and recovery, as well as a sack, gave the Vampire another 10 points. But Mason Crosby had another disappointing week, his two extra points only getting the same 2 points for the Count. 

Sunday’s Later Games

The nights are drawing in fast, and it seemed that the later games gave no solace for Stocks. All his players faltered with the dying of the light. The Broncos defence conceded 30 points against the Chargers, but 2 interceptions and sacks apiece did pull Stocks’ haul up to 5 points. 

Ezekiel Elliott was bottled up by the Eagles in the later game, kept to only 8.3 fantasy points. His 63 ground yards and 10 air yards came without a touchdown, and the Count breathed a sigh of relief. That is, he would if he had breath in his lungs…

And George Kittle, dominant in his return week, managed only 2 receptions for 39 yards. He was seen limping from the field before reports of a broken foot bone filtered through. 

The early games may not have gone Stocks’ way, but this was the chance for his team to pull him back in. And they slipped up.

Indeed, it turned out to be the turning point for the game. The Count’s new Tight End, the returning Dallas Goedert, may have only managed 2.5 points. But his freshly picked rookie Justin Herbert pulled back a huge amount of the deficit. 278 yards and 3 touchdowns, as well as 21 yards on the ground, were the biggest contributors to Herbert’s success.


So, after two nights of footballing mayhem, Hayden’s Hurse held onto a precious 10 point lead. And only Mike Evans, a converted Daywalker, was left to play. Would that lead be enough to hold off the dead?

The answer was no. Mike Evans was the only outfield player to score a touchdown for either side, and it had to come in the last game of the Week 8 schedule. That, and the 5 receptions for 55 yards, was enough to push the Count over the line and beyond it. The final score, with a hand from Evan’s 16.5 points… Haydens Hurse 85.94 – 90.92 The Daywalkers. 

The count had claimed another victim. 

But who would be the sacrifice needed to let the team escape the Count’s clutches. The Kittle injury left the Vampire in a predicament. The Tight End was meant to be the one. So another tactic was needed…and instead it was the five touchdown Mahomes that was to be the latest acquisition. The Count took the Super Bowl champion and sent over the Offensive Rookie of the year Candidate, Justin Herbert. Not a bad switch, all in all! But who is the Count’s next opponent? 


Stormula has selected Mercy Brown this week, led by Jack. The team missing a viable Quarterback in Week 9. Jared Goff sits out this week and, with Dak Prescott on IR, there’s no replacement available. 

The Running Back room looks slightly more healthy, but has the potential to be a lot more deadly. Mark Ingram and Aaron Jones are both questionable but the behemoth Derrick Henry is available for Jack’s selection. The Count has been a vocal supporter and fan of the running Titan so this could be the easy choice. 

Devante Parker and Brandin Cooks are Jack’s only two available Wide Receivers. Julian Edelman is recovering from knee surgery and Cooper Kupp is on his own bye week. And TJ Hockenson and Mark Andrews also provide a selection headache. Two potential top performers – but only one can be selected. The Bills and the Ravens are the two defences available for Mercy Brown, and Harrison Butker is the sole kicker for the unit.

As we inch towards seeing a clearer playoff picture, one thing has been present throughout…

Don’t Count out the Count!

Rob @5YardRob

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