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Well Rush Nation, after this week, we will be half way through the regular season. And, as we have seen this week, the injuries are starting to pile up. Now is the time to make some Waiver Wire additions and really recycle our rosters. Week 7 also sees a lot of main fantasy players on bye, which means Waiver Wire Week 7 should be the busiest of the season.

So, without further ado, here are my top Waiver Wire Week 7 adds.


Matt Ryan- 29.3% Owned @MIA Week 7

Ryan was on bye last week but is coming off the back of a 4TD, 29 point game vs Washington and a 2 TD 21 point game vs the Jets in London. This week he has Miami, who’s defense is struggle and has a ton of injuries. He looks like the most solid of bye week options in Week 7.

Tua Tagovailoa- 25.3% vs ATL Week 7

Tua seems to have recovered well from the rib injury that put him on IR for over three weeks. He threw 47 times for over 300 yards on Sunday in their loss to the Jaguars. It also seems like Miami have abandoned the running game entirely this season, with the exception of their heavy defeat to the Buccaneers. Tua could easily have 40 attempts this weekend coming.


Rhamondre Stevenson- 12.2% Owned vs NYJ Week 7

It’s very thin at Running Back right now, with all the injuries to key backs right now. However, there is still a little gem in Waiver Wire Week 7. And that gem is Stevenson. Highly touted in the off-season, he was a surprise healthy scratch Week 1. However, he finally has got his first NFL Touchdown. Damian Harris has been dealing with an ankle injury of late. Therefore Stevenson needs to be owned right now. I expect we will see more usage from him against the Jets as the game script should suit him more.

Chris Evans- 2% Owned @BAL Week 7

Another player who has limited usage right now, but can easily see an uptick of work is Chris Evans. He scored an excellent Touchdown Sunday. Although his usage isn’t high, Mixon has already missed time this season and he struggles to keep healthy for full seasons. Not to mention, against Baltimore this weekend, they will need to use Evans and his special abilities as a receiver to dial up some creative plays. It wouldn’t shock me if he found pay dirt in Week 7.

D’Earnest Johnson- 1.4% Owned vs DEN Week 7

Forget the Week 6 boxscore. Both Chubb and Hunt are unlikely to play on Thursday Night Football, mean Johnson is slated to be the lead back, as it stands right now for the Run-First Browns. Also, with Baker Mayfield’s arm in a sling with a shoulder injury, it seems likely Johnson is primed for a major role. It will be a sweat to see if he is the lead back. However, if you are desperate for a RB, it’s time to take that chance and cash your chips for Johnson.


T.Y Hilton- 23.1% Owned @SF Week 7

Welcome back T.Y Hilton. He looked explosive, dangerous and back to his best upon his return to the starting lineup. 4-80-0 off 4 targets is an impressive return. Remember, the game was over early second half so no doubt Hilton was rested and not used as much as a result. Against the 49ers, the Colts won’t have the luxury. Expect T.Y. to get more targets and even more usage. He still has all that playmaking ability that he has possessed over the years and there was pace to burn yesterday. He looks like a right steal on this Waiver Wire Week 7 report.

Rashod Bateman- 14.8% Owned vs. CIN Week 7

I am surprised by Bateman’s extremely low ownership. I can’t believe he is available in 85% of leagues, given he isn’t available in many of mine. Bateman had a combined team high 6 targets on his first game in the NFL. He also, has this great ability to win across the middle. This is why Mark Andrews is such a popular target for Jackson, as this lines up with how Jackson loves to play the game and throw the ball. Bateman’s usage will only go up. You can ignore the yards he accrued this week, as the game against the Chargers was over as a contest early second half, meaning less throws and less deep balls down the middle. Bateman should be a high priority add in Waiver Wire Week 7.


Ricky Seals-Jones 19.1% Owned @GB Week 7

Ricky Seals-Jones will be taking over the Tight End role for the Football Team until the end of the season. And, after a slow start last week, he finally seems to have got on the same page as QB Taylor Heinicke. In the two weeks since he became the teams starter, Seals-Jones has seen 15 targets, catching 9 for 99 yards and a Touchdown. He is a must start option going forward with that volume.

Dan Arnold- 6.9% Owned BYE Week 7

I am not one to normally advocate stashing a Tight End. However, in Dan Arnold’s case, if I am in need of a decent Tight End, I am willing to make an exception. 5 targets in Week 6 doesn’t sound encouraging. However, it was a strange game in London where Lawrence was given licence, when chasing the game, to take lots of shots downfield to move the chains. Arnold has had 13 targets in the past two weeks, since Urban Meyer and Jaguars traded for Arnold. Expect this trend to continue after the bye.


Evan McPherson- 8.3% Owned @BAL Week 7

The former Florida Gator had a field day on Sunday, as the Bengals cut through the Lions like Salt Bae cuts through a £630 Tomahawk Steak. It’s more noteworthy after having an incredibly poor performance against the Packers that cost his team the win. That shows a lot about his character and maturity. Also, he is the best Week 7 option given the offense he is on. It will be tough against Baltimore. However, if McPherson gets a chance, I would back him to make those kicks count.


Seattle Seahawks- 4.9% Owned vs. NO Week 7

No, I haven’t lost my mind. I know Seattle are not a great defensive unit. However, the Waiver Wire is extremely thin of under 30% owned options. The New Orleans offense has been average at best. Also, Jameis Winston is usually good for an Interception or two against the Seahawks. However, this option is generally the best of a bad bunch. I hope you can get a better option.

Don’t forget, all of my picks come from those owned under 30% on ESPN.com Fantasy Football. If you want to hear other suggestions, subscribe to the 5 Yard Rush Podcast and listen to the Waiver Wire Podcast for other suggestions.

Also, tune into listen to all our podcasts this week as we work with you to deliver a ship for you this season. However, until next week Rush Nation, where I will be back for Week Four picks, Keep Rushing!

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)

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