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Well Rush Nation, we are officially into the second half of the fantasy football regular season. With last week being so brutal on so many lineups, it’s time to drop some of those random adds last week and refresh our lineups and bench with some of the top adds from Waiver Wire Week 8.

This week, with a bigger pool to pick from, we should be able to get you some gems from Waiver Wire Week 8 that will help you bounce back if you lost, or pick up another win if you bossed Week 7.


Carson Wentz- 22.3% Owned Vs. TEN Week 8

This is an unpopular opinion. Carson Wentz has actually been pretty good this season. 6 of his 7 games have been over 17 fantasy points and last night he scored 20 in horrific conditions. Against Tennessee, he will have a chance to make plays, as the Colts offensive line will continue to keep Wentz’s jersey clean. 

Daniel Jones- 28.9% Owned @KC Week 8

I get it, people don’t like Danny Dimes. However, five games out of seven he has posted over 16.5 Fantasy points, with 29,26, and 21 point games in there. Jones is very much the high ceiling play this week, as he faces a Chiefs team eager to bounce back. Depending on your matchup, you can either take the high floor in Wentz, or the high ceiling in Jones.

BONUS- Deshaun Watson- 17% Owned- No Week 8 Opponent

OK, so if you are in a real jam in your leagues, grabbing Watson now is the move that could propel you to the playoffs. He could be the steal of Waiver Wire Week 8. With 4 teams being interested in a trade for Watson, and a trade likely to happen within the next 7-8 days, it tells me two things: 

1) Watson is unlikely to get banned this year. I’m not going to defend Watson here. However, he has not been charged with a crime. These are, albeit serious, just allegations. The fact four teams are in for him now, suggest to me that a ban is not forthcoming in the 2021 season.

2) He will be traded to a team who think will either a) help them with a playoff push or b) they are building for long term. Now, Watson has a “no trade” clause. This means he can refuse to be traded to a team. It is common and public knowledge he will waive this to go to Miami. I would expect Carolina, Denver and Philadelphia to be in play for Watson. 


For Carolina, a Wild Card berth is very much in play. They have the talent, and the schedule. They are just missing the QB. Only 6 teams in the NFC have a winning record. If Seattle win tonight, that number becomes 5. And their owner is prepared to take risks. He made his money on calculated risks. He’s a smart owner who is prepared to roll the dice. It would not shock me that David Tepper would make this happen.


The same could be said for Denver. They have an elite defense and an offense stacked with talent. However, their coaching staff leaves a lot to be desired, and that could put a spanner in the works for Watson wanting to move there. If he does, they are in play. However, it just seems unlikely. They always want to be in the conversation. However, I just don’t see what they will be able to do to convince Watson of their long term vision and plan with the coaching staff they have in the building currently.


I have always thought Miami was likely. I’ve said it many times. However, I am now not so sure. I watched them on Sunday and in London, and I don’t think Watson really moves the needle that much. This roster has so many holes. The Dolphins have wasted so many picks, that pushing all in on Watson is doubling down on the same mistake. They won’t make the playoffs this year. What if he is banned next year? Logic dictates that months ago this move made sense. Now I sense it’s one that will see Flores out of a job in the next 15 months as he won’t have the tools to rebuild.


And then we have Philly. I had them as the favourites when the season started. I now would place that tag on Carolina. But I think Philly are the next team behind Carolina. Hurts is a competent guy. A great fantasy QB. But he is a solo weapon. His passing is average. And he only truly comes alive in the 4th quarter. He never knows when to quit, which is admirable. However, he also doesn’t know how to start games. Watson would turn this team into a Wild Card team. I have no doubt. 

Where I think he will go

For anyone who cares, this is how I rank the teams in order of likelihood to get Deshaun Watson

1) Carolina Panthers
2) Philadelphia Eagles
3) Miami Dolphins
4) Denver Broncos

Back to the main point, he is worth a sneaky add and stash. If it doesn’t pan out, it’s a low cost gamble with massive upside. I am sure he already knows where he is going, and already has a playbook.

Running Backs

Kenneth Gainwell- 26.4% Owned @DET Week 8

Miles Sanders left Sunday’s game in the first Quarter with an ankle injury. And, this is significant. Because, Miles Sanders has had ankle injuries before. It’s very clear Gainwell isn’t going to get a lot of carries on the ground, because the Eagles are not a great team. However, you would like to think, against the Lions, his workload, with no Sanders, will shoot up. And, he’s still a primary catching threat. He went 4-41-1 on Sunday. I’d be willing to throw some serious FAAB to get Gainwell this week.

Rashaad Penny- 10.1% Owned Vs. JAX Week 8

Penny has 2 carries on the season, and spent most of it on IR. However, he is arguably the healthiest back on the roster. Therefore, that should be translated into a healthy workload in Week 8 against the Jags. Because, the Jaguars do struggle to stop the run.

BONUS- Peyton Barber- 2.7% Owned Bye Week 8

Josh Jacobs is hurt… again. Therefore, we need to be picking up his backup. And, no, that is not Kenyon Drake. It is Peyton Barber. Barber has a massive 26 carries when Jacobs was out in Week 3. He is on Bye in Week 8. However, you if you have room to stash him, and you are struggling at Running Back, I would do it.

Wide Receivers

Rashod Bateman- 17.2% Owned- Bye Week 8

If you can find a way to stash Bateman, do it. 3-80-0 on Sunday. Whilst he is on bye this week, he is still arguably the best option out there. This is a talented receiver, playing on a deep threat offense. Brown and Bateman will have plenty of room to succeed together as they play in different areas of the field.

Russell Gage- 9.9% Owned- @CAR Week 8

Most people reading this probably drafted Gage on my advice, and have since dropped him. That’s ok. He was hurt, and Matt Ryan was playing within himself early in the season. However, right now, Gage is back and a legitimate threat in this offense. 6 targets yesterday catching 4 for 67 yards and a Touchdown. These are realistic floor numbers for Gage for the rest of the season.

Tight Ends

Mo Alli-Cox- 12.8% Owned- Vs. TEN Week 8

Alli-Cox delivered the TE1 performance I expected on Sunday. Ok, it was 3-25-1 but the conditions were nasty. However, he now has 4 Touchdowns in his last 4 games. He is becoming a favourite Redzone target of Wentz, and he is playing more snaps every week. In addition, I expect this trend to continue against Tennessee.

C.J Uzomah- 9.4% Owned @NYJ Week 8

It’s going to be boom and bust production from Uzomah moving forward. However, you should be trying to acquire any piece of this Bengals offense that you can. Uzomah has Touchdown upside most weeks. Especially this week against the hapless Jets.


Evan McPherson- 8.5% Owned @NYJ Week 8

I just mentioned getting as much of the Bengals as you can. And that includes their Kicker. Because, they are putting up points for fun. Therefore, grab McPherson and have him as your set and forget kicker.


Bengals D/ST- 24.2% Owned @NYJ Week 8

See, I wasn’t kidding. Their defense is also legit this year. In addition to having a good offense, and a good defense, they are playing the Jets who will likely be without number 2 overall pick Zack Wilson. Whilst Mike White did a decent job in his first ever NFL outing, I do expect him to be turnover fodder for the Bengals who are purring right now.

That’s it for Waiver Wire week 8. Don’t forget, all of my picks come from those owned under 30% on ESPN.com Fantasy Football. If you want to hear other suggestions, subscribe to the 5 Yard Rush Podcast and listen to the Waiver Wire Podcast for other suggestions.

Also, tune into listen to all our podcasts this week as we work with you to deliver a ship for you this season. However, until next week Rush Nation, where I will be back for Week Nine picks, Keep Rushing!

– Murf (@Murf_NFL)

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