lock it down- Week Ten WR/CB matchups

Week 12 WR/CB matchups – Lock It Down

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Thats the town crier calling all to hear just how badly last week went for my selections last week. Before we get into the Week 12 WR/CB matchups, i have to go back and provide some scope for not diving deeper into Robs results from Week 10. Normally i cover the results in a win loss way. I didn’t and I just made a joke about how it all went wrong. Well that came and bit me in the hiney for sure.

Robs selections:

  • Marvin Jones – 15 Fantasy Points. A late Touchdown saved his day = Loss
  • All Patriots – All three receivers totalled 13.6 FP = Win
  • D.K Metcalf – Only 2.8 FP = Huge win for Rob here.

All in all a good day for Rob and my reward for jesting about his selections? A whooping this week.

My selections for Week 11 were:

  • AJ Green – 10.1 FP = Loss. A Touchdown from Green here meant an ok day for him. A bad week for me. Welcome back lover boy!
  • Mike Evans – 10.9 FP = Loss. I expected a huge game from Ramsey. Evans battled into the end zone to ruin this selection for me.
  • AJ Brown – 12.2 FP = Loss. Another grinding touchdown near the end of the game. Brown was useless up until this point dropping ball after ball. Frustrating week all told.

We cant sit and mull on the past. The play offs are within touching distance and for some will already be clinched. That can only mean one thing, these selections for your Week 12 WR/CB matchups will have 100% of my heart in them. As always the picks will have reasons as to why and not just plucked out of thin air.

Week 12 WR/CB matchups

Deebo Samuel Vs The Rams

Samuel has been injured this season more than he has played. Whilst he has progressed nicely towards returning from his injury to play this week, it is the nature of his injury that concerns me. Deebo is recovering from a hamstring injury and is returning to a team without its main weapons holstered. Brandon Aijuk is out under the COVID designation, George Kittle is done for the year and on the IR and Jimmy G is also missing from the starting lineup. Nick Mullens has looked ok in Gimmys absence but its more Shannahan than it is Mullens, we all know this. The 9ers may well test the Rams run defence with the return of possibly Tevin Coleman and Raheem Mostert. This will be the game plan before they try and air it out.

Samuel may well see coverage from Jalen Ramsey who now appears to be a weekly mention in this column. Obviously The Rams may well play more zone than man in this situation with now stud receiver on the field for San Fran. The Rams are allowing a league lowest 17.2 Fantasy Points per Game to opposing Wide Receivers. The way the 9ers normally spread the ball around and the coverage Deebo may see from Ramsey is reason for me to sit him this week. In a week where he returns and your itching to use him because you have not been able to recently I urge caution.

Justin Jefferson Vs The Panthers

This will be short and sweet. Jefferson is now the WR1 for The Vikings this week with Adam Theilen being placed on the COVID list at the time of writing. Is the rookie capable of being the lead dawg for Captain Kirk? He certainly has looked the part in his Collegiate career and so far in the NFL. However, he has been behind Ja’mar Chase and Adam Theilen at LSU and at the Vikings respectively. Chase could be the next Julio and Theilen has stepped up with Diggs gone. In both situations Jefferson has been allowed to work the single coverage and exploit the matchups afforded to him. With no Theilen to cover who will The Panthers try and take out the game? Jefferson. Look for Rookie safety sensation Jeremy Chinn to be all over Jefferson this week.

The Panthers are giving up just 20.3 FPPG to opposing pass catchers. Not a huge amount. Thats because teams are running the ball right down The Panthers throat. The Vikings currently have the best Running Back in the league in Dalvin Cook. Expect the Purple People Eaters to use Cook and Alexander Mattison a lot this week. Jefferson will get his catches but he needs to find the end zone in order for his fantasy value to save you this week. He could break off a huge catch and run and blow me up but I’m happy to take this chance in one of the tough Week 12 WR/CB matchups.

Allen Robinson II Vs The Packers

At this point I’m not sure who will be under centre for The Bears Sunday night. Both Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky both have injuries. I’ve heard that both Trubisky and Foles could be starting. Either way Robinson will be the alpha Receiver for the signal caller. This in itself proves to be a problem as Jaire Alexander is playing lights out for the Packers this season. The 2018 first-round Cornerback is really stamping his authority on the league. This will be a tricky matchup for Robinson for sure as he is likely to see shadow coverage from the young lockdown Cornerback. 

Alexander is allowing just 10.3 FPPG which if Robinson came away with come full time i would be ok with but not over the moon with to say the least. When it comes to points allowed per target Alexander is allowing 1.7 Fantasy Point per Target. Allen Robinson is averaging 9.5 targets a game. This is better news for the FPPG stat for Robinson seeing as this projects him to have 16.1 Fantasy Points. However the Packers as a team are allowing just 21 FPPG to opposing Wide Receivers. With Alexander in shadow coverage and a murky situation in the Quarterback room targets and even more so catches could be hard to come by for Robinson in this my favourite selection of the Week 12 WR/CB matchups.

That will do it for this week Rush Nation. Hopefully I’ll be seeing a few of you in the playoffs.

Until next week, Keep Rushing.

-Stocks @5yardrush

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