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Week 15 WR/CB matchups – Lock it down

Rush Nation, Pittsy here! Stocks is having a well earned rest this week and therefore Stocks and I have collaborated to make the Week 15 WR/CB Lock it Down column happen this week. 

Last week was a challenging week. Cooks ended up being unable to shake off his injuries and start on Sunday. And Parker was injured in the middle of the quarter, so hard to really determine the outcome of that one. Jarvis Landry most certainly had a down game as a result of the coverage. Whereas Nuke Hopkins was able to shake off coverage and put in a truly elite performance, and deliver an L to the column.

Week 14 Recap

  • Brandin Cooks – IA before game. 
  • DeAndre Hopkins – 18.10 fantasy points = Loss
  • Devante Parker – 0.00 fantasy points- injured during second quarter. 
  • Jarvis Landry – 8.68 fantasy points = Win

Week 15 Selections 

Denzel Mims Vs Los Angeles Rams

This one almost looks too easy. The Rams have the best defence when it comes to fantasy points allowed. 32nd in points allowed against QBs, 29th in RB points allowed and 32nd in points allowed against WRs, averaging just 15 points per game given up to WR corps per team each week. Match that up against the lowest rated offence in the league and this Week 15 WR/CB matchup is one to avoid. 

I’ve been really impressed with Mims, even in this Jets offence. He’s someone you want to keep hold of when this new rebuild happens with Trevor Lawrence behind centre. However, with the Jets facing the Rams this week, Mims is not one to be hopeful about. 

The Rams have 3 solid CBs and with Darious Williams most likely to line up against him, Mims will have his work cut out for him.

With the Rams Defensive line joining the attack and a weak Jets offence, this is not the time to be counting on Mims to see you through. 

DK Metcalf v Washington Football Team

The Seattle offence seems to have been rocked a little lately and when facing a good defence, Wilson seems to have lost a little of his magic to make things happen. When Metcalf met the Rams, he was shut down. The front line got to Wilson and when he could throw he didn’t use Metcalf due to the matchup. 

A similar issue is now staring at them coming up against Washington. The Washington defence is 30th for fantasy points allowed against WRs. On top of that, the Washington defence has only allowed 19 passing TDs this season. Working out to be around just 1.5 TDs a game. 

Kendall Fuller looks set to cover Metcalf. For some reason, when Metcalf is covered, Wilson doesn’t seem to trust him and goes away from him using Lockett a lot more to get him out of trouble, especially when the pass rush comes knocking. Unfortunately for Metcalf, the rush seems to be able to get to Wilson and disrupt him a lot more than usual, which adds to making this one of the tougher Week 15 WR/CB Matchups.

DJ Chark v Baltimore Ravens 

Chark faces a tough battle this week going up against the Baltimore Ravens. Looking at the Ravens-Browns game on Monday night might make you think that you can score on this Ravens Defence. That is true but the browns did a lot of the work on the ground. 

The Ravens are 26th on the list of fantasy points allowed to WRs and have only allowed 19 TDs through the air this season. Jimmy Smith will most likely be keeping tabs on Chark which doesn’t bode well. So far this season the most points allowed by Smith was 12 against the unstoppable force of Travis Kelce and even then Smith kept him to just 62 yards. Not to mention, he was only covering Kelce in some coverages due to the formation shifts where he played safety in some defensive packages.

As lock it down CBs go, this could be one of the tougher places to go to get a win. Making this my pick of the Week 15 WR/CB Matchups. Oh and don’t forget, we got a win at the top of this article for the Ravens shutting down Landry. I expect the same again here with them shutting down Chark. 

Two weeks to go

There you go Rush Nation, the three week 15 WR/CB Lock it Down matchups to avoid. Good luck to those lucky enough to make it to the semi-finals, let’s go get you that ship! 

Until next time, Keep Rushing.

-Pittsy @PittsyNFL

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