lock it down- Week Ten WR/CB matchups

Week Eleven WR/CB matchups – Lock it down

Week Eleven WR/CB matchups – Lock it down

Man O Man, I hand the reins off to Rob for one week and the wheels come flying off faster than Metcalf after Budda Baker. Ok, ok. That’s not fair, Rob and I discussed the players he had in last week’s article and we concurred on them all. It would have been a bad week regardless of who had written the article. That’s just how it goes sometimes. Now let’s go and find those week eleven WR/CB matchups that don’t tickle my pickle.

Week 11 Selections

A.J Green Vs The Football Team

My man, the former elite talent that was Mr Green. This pains me Rush Nation. I beat the drum for too long and now I’m about to bury him. If you started Green last week he treated you to a healthy, ZERO. He caught none of his five targets and got you a bagel in your Fantasy scores. This was him coming off of two better weeks in weeks six and seven, where things looked to have turned a corner for the better. He has now only caught two passes for a measly 17 yards in his last two outings. Not good McCord.

Whilst you may think that this is an easy pick (I thought so too), it doesn’t appear that the Fantasy community on Sleeper at least, thinks so too. Green is still in 30% of lineups on Sleeper and what baffles me more is his counterpart, Tee Higgins is only 77% started. Higgins has been red hot of late and along with Tyler Boyd have both passed Green on the Wide Receiver Depth Chart. Not good for a man who used to be Mr consistent for Fantasy.

All Bengals Wide Receivers have tough Week Eleven WR/CB matchups against The Football Team. The WFT are currently giving up a league second-lowest Fantasy Points per Game (FPPG) to opposing Wide Receivers at just 17.4. When you consider that Higgins has been above 14 FPPG in all his games since week three and Boyd has been below 10 FPPG just twice on the season, this leaves little bread for Green to feed on. If I’m starting Green it’s because I absolutely have to be in the deepest of Leagues. Sorry, Bruh, not this week.

Mike Evans Vs The Rams

Hear me out on this one Rush Nation. This isn’t because I don’t like Evans, I do. He is one of the best Wide Receivers in the league. Evans however, has one of the worst Week Eleven WR/CB matchups that I see on paper going up against Jalen Ramsey and the Rams. Whilst there is a chance Evans could Ball out because of his talents, it’s the MNF matchups that worries me. Do you want to be going into Monday night relying on a big game from Evans when we know he will be shadowed by Ramsey? I’m not putting my chips on that pewter bit of cloth let me tell you.

Over the first ten games of the season, Mike Evans has averaged 13.9 FFPG. Chris Godwin has missed time and that helped Evans for sure rack up points. Godwin is fit again and now the former shell of Antonio Brown is also eating into Tom Brady’s completed passes so there are fewer riches to be spread about.

The Shadow

Ramsey is one of the few Cornerbacks who actually appears to be shadowing number one Wide Receivers in 2020. Ramsey’s stats also show that the guys he normally shadows work the outside much more than from the slot. Ramsey has only been stationed there for 20% of his defensive snaps. Chris Godwin is the Bucs slot guy so that leaves Evans and Brown to run the deep and outside routes and Ramsey thrives on this stuff.

The Rams as a defence are currently giving up just 16 FPPG to opposing Wide Receiving corps and that’s low enough to be the leagues lowest. Ramsey is a huge part of this. He is giving up just 8.1 FPPG and has allowed just one touchdown all year. Ramsey also allows on average just 3.6 receptions a game, these receptions are averaging 10.3 yards per reception. Meaning on average he gives up just 37.1 yards per game to his shadowed Wideout. That’s good for 5.2 FPPG in half PPR. That’s not what you want when starting Mike Evans. Now I get it, you’re not going to bench Evans as Tampa is hot right now, just perhaps temper expectations a little going into MNF.

A.J Brown Vs The Ravens

This list could be the three biggest names to date in the Lockdown series (yes I’m still actually clinging to my man-crush on Green). Mike Evans was enough but now the Titans bigtime Wideout too? Yup, you’re damn right I’m going there. Is there a more run-heavy game right now that The Titans vs The Ravens? The Titans will start to really dial up Henry as we approach Henry season. The Ravens will want to atone for last week’s loss to New England by doing what they think they do best, run the ball. It’s a log jam situation and the best Wide Receiver in this game. A.J Brown will get swallowed up in the lack of targets due to the nature of this game I see happening.

I could be wrong and The Ravens could come backfiring in a big way, break off some big-time plays early and then The Titans could have to throw to get back into it. This, however, I don’t see happening. The Titans right now are top ten (most points) in FPPG given up to QBs, RBs, and WRs. This will be a ground slugfest at its best and Lamar and company will pound the rock all day. Let’s say though that The Titans do need to throw and Brown needs to be involved.

He will face a Ravens team that is allowing just 18 FPPG to the Wideout corps. That really isn’t many when a certain C Davis seems to be back somewhat in flavour this season. Starting Brown is what we will all do as the playoffs are so close and he is so good. He needs to find the endzone for his selection to be justified at the very minimum. Marlon Humphreys and Marcus Peters will try their damndest to stop him from doing so.

We’re so close now!

So there you have my three Week Eleven WR/CB matchups to avoid. Big-time names for the big-time of the season. Let’s get into those playoffs and go win some ships.

Until next week Rush Nation, Keep Rushing.

-Stocks @5yardrush

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