Week 1 review. 

The season has kicked off and fantasy NFL has started with a bang. Some teams got the win. Some didn’t lets see who it was.

Week 1 is now in the books and here we go.

Results Who got The Win?

First Half Results

Pittsy (Pitts Berk Stinkers) v Jacob. (Team JBarner) Jacob was the early favourite and sleeper predicted them to win. Scoring was high and big points were needed to secure the game. Team JBarner get their first win of the season taking them to 3rd over all as the Stinkers start in 9th.

Dave (The Jazz Purists) v Shaun (Team Spedding) the prediction said that Dave should come out on top and absolutely smashed the prediction with 245 points. Team Spedding had one of those weeks racking up the 4th highest score of the league but still coming away with a loss. The Jazz Purists go 2nd as Spedding starts 7th.

Rich (Pats20Chad) v Ethan (ETurnerFF) 3 out of 3 for sleeper predictions as Ethan wins a close one against Rich. Just under 10 points was the gap to take ETurnerFF into 5th and drop Pats20Chad to 11th.

Second Half Results

Matt (Brady-o-GaGa) v Tyler (Long Live ’76) This head to head was predicted to be a close game. It finished just under 10 points separating the two teams. Long live ’76 come away with the first win of the season taking them to 6th as Brady-o-GaGa go to 10th.

Martin (Lucky Fantasy Guy) V Jamie (NorthWealdPats) It’s always good to get the opening weekend win but Lucky Fantasy Guy went straight to the top with the highest game week total. NorthWealdPats start the season 8th.

Stocks & Murf (The 5 Yard Rush Podcast) v Dermy (Taco Corp) Unfortunately Stocks and Murf choked on their own hype week 1. It wouldn’t have mattered which team they went up against. You are never going to win with the lowest overall score. Dermy took full advantage and got the win taking them to 4th as the 5 Yard Rush Boys start in 12th.

Until next week.

-Pittsy @AngryBoxPitts